Vintage Records

Andreas Vollenweider / Down to the Moon, Kaset

198? Yonca, Türkiye baskı.

The Near Side
A1 Down To The Moon 2:27
A2 Moon Dance 4:10
A3 Steam Forest 4:58
A4 Water Moon 2:14
A5 Night Fire Dance 4:58
The Far Side
B1 Quiet Observer 2:44
B2 Silver Wheel 3:58
B3 Drown In Pale Light 2:13
B4 The Secret, The Candle, And Love 3:43
B5 Hush - Patience At Bamboo Forest 0:16
B6 Three Silver Ladies Dance 2:38
B7 La Lune Et L'Enfant 2:03