Vintage Records

Bad Religion / Punk Rock Songs, Kaset

2002 Sony Müzik, Türkiye baskı.

Açılmamış, ambalajında.

A1 Punk Rock Song 2:27
A2 The Gray Race 2:06
A3 The Streets Of America 3:50
A4 A Walk 2:09
A5 Ten In 2010 2:23
A6 New America 3:24
A7 I Love My Computer 3:05
A8 It's A Long Way To The Promise Land 2:28
A9 Hear It 1:49
A10 Raise Your Voice 2:55
A11 No Substance 3:04
A12 Infected 4:08
B1 21st Century (Digital Boy) 2:47
B2 Stranger Than Fiction 2:20
B3 Dream Of Unity 2:59
B4 Punk Rock Song (German Version) 2:27
B5 Leave Mine To Me 2:16
B6 Change Of Ideas (Live) 0:54
B7 Slumber (Live) 2:37
B8 Cease (Live) 2:55
B9 We're Only Gonna Die (Live) 5:24
B10 The Henchman 98 (Live) 1:12
B11 The Answer (Live) 3:19
B12 The Universal Cynic (Ithaca Session) 2:16
B13 The Dodo (Ithaca Session) 2:11