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Bernard Haitink, Stravinsky / Le Sacre Du Printemps, Kaset

1994 Yonca, Türkiye baskı.

Le Sacre Du Printemps - Tableaux De la Russie Païenne
Part - Teil - Parti 1
The Adoration Of The Earth
A1 Introduction
A2a The Harbringers Of Spring
A2b Dance Of The Adolescents
A3 Mock Abduction
A4 Spring Rounds
A5 Games Of The Rival Tribes
A6 Procession Of The Sage
A7a Adoration Of The Earth (The Sage)
A7b Dance Of The Earth
Part - Teil - Partie 2
The Sacrifice - Das Opfer - Le Sacrifice
B1 Introduction
B2 Mystical Circle Of The Adolescents
B3 Glorification Of The Chosen One
B4 Evocation Of The Ancestors
B5 Ritual Of The Ancestors
B6 Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen Ones)
Petrouchka - Petruschka
Scene - Bild - Tableau 1
B7a The Shrovetide Fair
B7b The Crowds
B7c The Conjuring-Trick
B8 Russian Dance
Scene - Bild - Tableau 2
B9 In Petrouchka's Booth
Scene - Bild - Tableau 3
B10 In The Moor's Booth
B11 Waltz (The Ballerina And The Moor)
Scene - Bild - Tableau 4
B12a The Shrovetide Fair (Evening)
B12b Dance Of The Wet-Nurses
B12c Dance Of The Peasant And The Bear
B12d Dance Of The Gipsies
B12e Dance Of The Coachmen And The Grooms
B12f The Masqueraders
B12g Death Of Petrouchka