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Çeşitli Sanatçılar / The Most Beautiful Romantic Melodies, 3 LP

1983 Ronco, İngiltere baskı.

Kapak: (7/10) çok iyi.

Plak: (8/10) çok iyi. 3 plak mevcuttur.


A1 Edelweiss
A2 The Sound Of Silence
A3 True Love
A4 Stranger In The Shore
A5 The Onedin Line
A6 Season In The Sun
A7 Paradise
A8 Bali Hai
A9 Joy To The World
A10 Up, Up & Away
B1 Morning
B2 Friendly Persuasion
B3 Sleepy Lagoon
B4 Morning Dreams
B5 Never On A Sunday
B6 Goodmorning Starshine
B7 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
B8 Theme From The Hands Of Mine
B9 Look To The Rainbow
B10 Oh Happy Day
C1 Theme From A Summer Place
C2 Summertime
C3 The Green Leaves Of Summer
C4 One Fine Day
C5 Days Of Wine
C6 Evergreen
C7 Summer Rainbows
C8 Hawaiian Wedding Song
C9 Hawaiian Honeymoon
D1 You Are The Sunshine Of My Live
D2 Quantanemera
D3 Summer Of '42
D4 We'll Sing In The Sunshine
D5 California Dreaming
D6 Blue Skies
D7 Someday
D8 Rainy Day Drive
D9 Daytime Lovers
D10 Calcutta
D11 Scarbourough Fayre
E1 Some Enchanted Evening
E2 The Way You Look Tonight
E3 Moonlight Becomes You
E4 Wonderland By Night
E5 Lamplighters Serenade
E6 Rhapsody In Blue
E7 Canadian Sunset
E8 Tonight
E9 Coffee & Candlelight
E10 Deep Purple