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Cliff Richard / Four Sides of Cliff Richard, Double LP

1971 EMI-Columbia, İsveç baskı.

Kapak: (8/10) çok iyi. 

Plaklar: (8/10) çok iyi.  Çift plak.

A1 Move It
A2 Living Doll
A3 Travellin' Light
A4 Do You Want To Dance
A5 The Young Ones
A6 Please Don't Tease
B1 I Love You
B2 Fall In Love With You
B3 Voice In The Wilderness
B4 Lucky Lips
B5 Theme For A Dream
B6 Bachelor Boy
C1 On The Beach
C2 Nine Times Out Of Ten
C3 The Next Time
C4 Dancing Shoes
C5 Summer Holiday
C6 The Twelfth Of Never
D1 I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)
D2 Time Drags By
D3 First Lesson In Love
D4 When The Girl In Your Arms
D5 I'm Looking Out The Window
D6 We Say Yeah