Vintage Records

George Jones / The George Jones Stury, LP

1965 Starday Records, Amerika baskı.

Kapak: (8/10) çok iyi. Açılır kapak.

Plaklar: (8/10) çok iyi. Çift plak.

A1 Why Baby Why
A2 Gotta Talk To Your Heart
A3 Gonna Come Get You
A4 Don't Do This To Me
A5 Frozen Heart
A6 That's The Way I Feel
A7 Color Of The Blues
B1 Yearning
B2 You Gotta Be My Baby
B3 One Is A Lonely Number
B4 Uh Uh No
B5 Nothin Can Stop Me
B6 No Use to Cry
B7 Seasons Of My Heart
C1 Long Time To Forget
C2 Window Up Above
C3 No Money In This Deal
C4 Accidentally On Purpose
C5 Rain Keeps A Fallin
C6 Ragged But Right
C7 No No Never
C8 You're Back Again
D1 Sweet Dreams
D2 If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)
D3 I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night
D4 Hold Everything
D5 Eskimo Pie
D6 It's Ok
D7 Tall Tall Trees
D8 What Am I Worth