Vintage Records

John Reed, D'Oyly Carte Opera Company / Gilbert & Sullivan Great Patter Songs, LP

1978 London Records, İngiltere baskı.

Kapak: (7/10) çok iyi.

Plak: (9/10) mükemmel.


A1 The Judge's Song (Trial By Jury)3:02

A2 My Name Is John Wellington Wells (The Sorcerer)2:07

A3 When I Was A Lad (H.M.S. Pinafore)2:40

A4 I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General (The Pirates Of Penzance)2:53

A5 I Am Alone And Unobserved (Patience)4:03

A6 The Law Is The True Embodiment (Iolanthe)2:27

A7 When I Went To The Bar (Iolanthe)1:54

A8 Nightmare Song (Iolanthe)3:26

A9 If You Go In You're Sure To Win (Iolanthe)2:10

B1 If You Give Me Your Attention (Princess Ida)2:11

B2 Whene'er I Spoke Sarcastic Joke (Princess Ida)1:59

B3 As Some Day It May Happen (The Mikado)2:15

B4 Tit Willow (The Mikado)2:15

B5 My Boy, You May Take It From Me (Ruddigore)1:28

B6 I Have A Song To Sing (The Yoeman Of The Guard)3:14

B7 I've Jibe And Joke (The Yoeman Of The Guard)1:46

B8 Oh! A Private Buffoon (The Yoeman Of The Guard)2:36

B9 In Enterprise Of Martial Kind (The Gondoliers)1:31

B10 To Help Unhappy Commoners (The Gondoliers)3:08

B11 Let All Your Doubts Take Wing (Utopia Ltd)2:08

B12 When You Find You're A Broken Down Critter (The Grand Duke)2:52