Vintage Records

Peter Gabriel / Passion, Kaset

1993 Kent Elektronik, Türkiye (üçüncü) baskı.


A1 The Feeling Begins
A2 Gethsemane
A3 Of These, Hope
A4 Lazarus Raised
A5 Of These, Hope - Reprise
A6 In Doubt
A7 A Different Drum
A8 Zaar
A9 Troubled
A10 Open
A11 Before Night Falls
A12 With This Love
B1 Sandstorm
B2 Stigmata
B3 Passion
B4 With This Love - Choir
B5 Wall Of Breath
B6 The Promise Of Shadows
B7 Disturbed
B8 It Is Accomplished
B9 Bread And Wine