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R. Shchedrin / The Dead Souls, 3 x LP Box Set

1982 Melodiya, Sovyet baskı.

Kutu içerisinde 3 plak ve libretto mevcuttur.

Kapak: (8/10) çok iyi

Plaklar: (9/10) mükemmel.

Dead Souls
A1 Act I: Introduction
A2 Act I: Luncheon At The Procurator’s (Dezett)
A3 Act I: The Road (Quintet)
A4 Act I: Manilov
A5 Act I: The Country Road
B1 Act I: Korobochka
B2 Act I: Songs
B3 Act I: Nozdrev
C1 Act II: Sobakevich
C2 Act II: Coachman Seliphan (Quartet)
C3 Act II: Plyushkin
D1 Act II: Lament Of The Soldier’s Wife
D2 Act II: Ball At The Governor’s
E1 Act III: Chant
E2 Act III: Chichikov
E3 Act III: Two Ladies (Duet)
F1 Act III: Rumours Of The Town (General Ensemble)
F2 Act III: Funeral Service
F3 Act III: Scene And Finale (Quintet)